Do You Love Romantic Fiction?

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Need your fiction fix? You’ve come to the right place! This is a fiction fanatics blog, catered (obviously) for those of you who love fiction, need fiction, gotta have fiction. No news reports, no long diatribes of world injustice, no long explanations of why so-and-so did such-and-such…just fiction and all the reasons to love it.


  •   Reason #1: There’s no need for a GPS. You can totally get lost here, everyone does!
  •   Reason #2: When you’re within these pages, everything else falls away.
  •   Reason #3: Low cost love: for a few bucks (if that) you can fall in love over and over again.



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Visions of Love

when love arrives
Of course, I love love and this brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps, I'm just more emotional than most (which is highly conceivable) but the images projected by their voices, the context of which they spoke, the scenarios they conjured, just stirred my soul. These phenomenal poets portrayed a love that seemed quite accurate and apt. It's an urging to remain open to love and a warning that, as much as Read More...

Romance Lovers T-shirt

"Romance Lovers Do It with the Lights ON" Yeah, we do! Romance readers & writers read romantic fiction with the lights on;) What did you think it meant? Was your mind in the gutter? It's okay, no judgement, feel free to let it roam. In fact, let everyone else's mind roam too when you wear this clever romance lover's tee. Only available for a short time. Get yours now!   Read More...